Beautiful . Useful . Inspired by Nature

Kindred & Kind was founded in 2014. It started with a friendship and pots of tea around the kitchen table, and grew over ten years of late night campfire "one day" conversations & picnics with our children.

We discovered a shared love of all things natural, beautiful and with a story to tell. From flowers, wilderness walks & muddy wellies to Scandinavian Design, folk festivals and gatherings of family & friends.

Our Stables Shop at Renishaw Hall combined our experiences in design, floristry, publishing, volunteering on organic farms and travelling on a shoe string.

We can now usually be found in the Cutting Garden with armfuls of flowers, overflowing trugs and pinafore pockets stuffed with string and secateurs. It is one of our favourite places and we love hosting our floristry workshops in the wonderful Victorian glass houses.

We hope you will join us.

 Jo & Rhian 

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